Saturday, January 15, 2005

Lj is down

They lost power or something equally as weird. Oh well.

I was thinking this morning about stuff that I would like to try to accomplish this year. I found out that I want to accomplish a lot in general and that I have a lot of interests but would trying to accomplish all of them be unrealistic?

I want to finish as many classes in school that I can this year.
I want to learn, to some decent extent to play the guitar.
I want to learn how to draw. I have this idea for a comic/graphic story line that needs to get down and I think it would work better in a graphic sense.
I want to do better at work and not be so apathic.
I want to not be so apathic.
I want to not procrastiate so much.
I want to do something like talk walks around the lake, rollar blade, or something like that.
I want to take a type of martial arts. Maybe Akido.
I want to learn the Japanese language.
I want to go to Seattle.
I want to go to San Diego.
I want to go to DC.
I want to read more.
I want to write more.

I have notcied that a lot of what I want to do is on the creative side. I am taking classes to finish my degree. Mike is going to help me with the learning guitar part. The learning to draw, martial arts, and Japanese, I will have to find a way to learn those. Reading more and writing more, I just have to do. Somethings are just personal growth kind of things. The apathy, the procrastination, the walks. To some point going to Seattle, San Diego, and DC are a bit of personal growth because I worry about going to these places and visiting the people I am to visit. The other part is just having the money to.

Out of the creative stuff, I don't know what I want to come of it yet. The story line idea just needs to be put on "paper", so to speak. Being able to play the guitar just interests me.

Well, more later as I think of it.